5 Types of Bamboo Fabrics and Sewing Projects

If you’re trying to incorporate more eco-friendly fabric into your sewing projects, then you’ll want to check out bamboo. Not only is this material highly environmentally friendly, it comes in just about any texture or color you might need. Here’s what you need to know about the most common types of bamboo fabrics and what you can make with them.

Most Common Types of Bamboo Fabrics

At Nature’s Fabrics, we carry a few of the top types of bamboo fabrics. These options all have just a little different texture from one another, making them appropriate for various types of projects. For example, bamboo fleece is great for baby clothing and diapers, while bamboo velour would make an excellent throw pillow cover.

  • Bamboo Fleece and Sherpa: Ideal for projects where softness matters, our bamboo fleece and sherpa fabrics come in a wide range of hues.
  • Bamboo Interlock and Rib Knit: For apparel projects, bamboo interlock and rib knit fabrics are a great option. They’re lightweight, soft, and breathable for comfort.
  • Bamboo Spandex Jersey: Certain projects require a slightly stretchy fabric, which is where our bamboo spandex jersey is an ideal choice. We have this fabric in numerous color hues and prints.
  • Bamboo Velour: You’ll love the ultra-soft and touchable texture of our bamboo velour. We offer several different color options, allowing you to find the right shade for your blanket or throw pillow project.
  • Bamboo Thermal and Woven: Other projects call for a different texture, which is where our bamboo thermal and woven fabrics come in. You’ll love the softness and durability they provide.

What Are the Benefits of Using Bamboo Fabric?

There are numerous benefits to using bamboo fabrics for your sewing projects. For example, bamboo is considered one of the best types of cloth in terms of minimal effects on the environment. As a plant, bamboo grows and matures very quickly, which means using it to create wearable fabrics is very sustainable. In terms of softness, it is one of the top choices out there and easily holds up to repeated washings. Plus, it is super easy to work with if you’re a beginner or just starting out with sewing on a machine.

Bamboo Fabric Project Examples

Looking for a fun project that involves bamboo fabric? We’ve chosen a few of our favorites for you to try out for yourself.

  • Sporty Skirt and Hoodie Combo: Dress up your wardrobe with this fun bamboo jersey layered skirt and matching hoodie from Sew-Well.
  • Stuffed Animals: Our friends over at While She Naps discuss how to use our bamboo fleece to create stuffed animals for small children and babies.
  • Quilted Throw Pillows: Spruce up your space by adding a few of these quilted velvet throw pillows using our bamboo velour fabric.

Nature’s Fabrics for Your Favorite Bamboo Fabrics

Finding quality bamboo fabric for your next project is easy with Nature’s Fabrics! We’re proud to be your favorite online fabric store. Check out our expansive inventory of eco-friendly fabrics, notions, and more today.

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