Make UnPaper Towels

Hoping to shrink your waste in 2023? 
Google told us a tree gives on average 118 paper towel rolls, and the average household will use 80 rolls per year. 
No worries! We've got a great pattern to ensure you never buy a roll of paper towels again. 

You'll need to grab a yard or two of our birdseye cotton fabric.
Have your scissors, thread, a machine and a ruler on hand. Oh, and don't toss out that last empty roll. You'll see why later.
*Optional: Kam Snaps + Pliers

Our birdseye fabric is 45'' wide, so you'll want to fold it lengthwise in half (18") and fold width by 4 (11.25") 
Wanna make this easier? Just measure out a rectangle that's 11.25"x18" and you're solid. 
One yard should yield 8 towels. 

You're gonna love how easy this is. Ready? You're just going to finish the edges. Serge or zigzag stitch the edges to finish off the towels to ensure they don't fray. Who said going green had to be complicated?! 

You'll want to give these a pre-wash before using them. This will create a bit of shrinkage, and prep them for their service on your spills, counters ad messy little hands. 

It's time to use them. You can stop right here, stack them up and toss them in a drawer or place them in a cute basket... orrr..... 
You can add snaps and roll these up on an actual roll. 

Wanna roll it up? Grab your KAM snaps, pliers and that empty roll. 
Attach two snaps onto a cardboard roll leftover from a regular paper towel and ensure you measure the spacing. 
Now, repeat this process on your towels, except you'll do this on both sides of the longer edge (18"). This means your left side will be going down, right side face up. This ensures your towels will snap together and you can roll them up as one continuous piece. 

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