Top 5 Sewing Feet

Sewing Foot Guide- sewing machine with hand guiding fabric


Want to make the most out of your sewing machine? 
We've chosen our top 5 must have sewing feet to make your life easier! 

Zipper Foot
zipper foot, zipper, install, sewing machine, brother, singer, sew
This foot helps get as close to the zipper teeth as possible. This allows a perfect attachment. The zipper foot also assists a close sew to cord inside piping! 

Buttonhole Foot 
button, button hole, buttonhole, foot, sewing, buttons

Adding a button, but struggling to keep buttonholes neat and even? Try this foot! 


Gathering Foot
Gather, sewing, foot, brother, singer

Not only does the gathering foot, well, gather- but it also just makes attaching the gather to another fabric a breeze! 


Walking Foot
walking foot, sewing, brother, singer, quilt, quilting

The walking foot is a quilter's best friend! This foot adds extra pressure and assists in keeping multiple layers moving forward! 


Blind Hem Foot
blind hem, hemming, sewing, quilting
Our final foot on the list is the blind hem, because who doesn't want an *almost* invisible hem!? 

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